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MSA Converter 2.1.zip
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MSA Converter 2.1 source
For Delphi 9 (1,51 Mo)

MSA Converter is an utility destinated to convert and manipulate the disk image files used by ATARI ST emulators. It is designed to work with Windows 95 and more. It also allows to view some of the graphic image formats used on Atari directly from disk images or from the hard disk.

The main functions are :

If somebody is ok, I accept any help to translate the documentation to other languages. The original file has been created with Openoffice 1.1.0.


New features of version 2.1:

Bugs fixed:




MSA Converter 2.0a


Supported command line parameters :

* msa "user_path" "folder"

* msa "convert" "disk image" "destination format" "nb of files for msa"

* msa "diskimg_to_hdisk" "disk image" "folder"

* msa "disk image"

* msa "zip_to_diskimg" "file.zip" "destination file.st"

Optionnal parameters which must be placed at the end of the command line:

All parameters should be written between quotation marks to avoid problems with spaces in the filenames